GPU memory, detect monitor type, rotate monitor in GPU


HI, any way to detect and config GPU memory?
Can monitor type can be detected at boot time and rotate at boot time?

Looking for RPI /boot/config.txt:
conditional filters like:



to my knowledge, that doesn’t work yet.
As an alternative, this method might be helpful.


We need a solution at boot time.
Do you know if this is “work in progress” or something that will be add in the future?
Do you know the amount of memory thet the GPU use or where is the documentation?

BTW, z80? I did some z8000 & 68000 in Onyx boxes, i guess we are young in spirit. :slight_smile:


It is constantly progressing with the work on the Device Tree overlays. A system stands and falls with the usability and the usability depends not least on the dto. Of course, only the developers can say exactly what they are currently working on. I can’t tell you anything about the memory consumption, but that should be calculable. I’ll take a look, ah yes.