GPU acceleration


I’m running a Rock 4 SE with the Debian server bullseye build.

glmark2-es2-drm --off-screen is only giving around 70fps

 OpenGL Information
    GL_VENDOR:      Mesa/
    GL_RENDERER:    llvmpipe (LLVM 11.0.1, 128 bits)
    GL_VERSION:     OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 20.3.5
    Surface Config: buf=32 r=8 g=8 b=8 a=8 depth=32 stencil=0 samples=0
    Surface Size:   1920x1080 fullscreen

But this page claims I should get 237 fps.

Using Arm Streamline and gatord it’s didn’t look like the GPU is being used at all. How can I resolve this?

I’ve seen some suggestion elsewhere but none of them seem to work for Debian bullseye. For example rockchip-mali-midgard14 isn’t in the rocklinux apt repository for bullseye.

Two updates

  1. I’ve read this but the git repo no longer exists.

  2. I’ve read this but doesn’t contain rockchip-mali-midgard14.

It seems the documentation is out of date. Does anyone know how to get GPU acceleration on a rock 4, mainline kernel, Debian bullseye?