GPIO1_A0 not working on Rock 3a and Bullseye

I have updated to Bullseye and did a full update including the Kernel.
Linux rock-3a 5.10.160-14-rk356x #17791f5b2 SMP Fri Sep 8 11:10:48 UTC 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Since then I can not set the gpios GPIO1_A0 and GPIO1_A1 anymore
oot@rock-3a:/home/rock# gpioget 1 0
root@rock-3a:/home/rock# gpioset 1 0=1
root@rock-3a:/home/rock# gpioget 1 0
root@rock-3a:/home/rock# gpioset 1 0=0
root@rock-3a:/home/rock# gpioget 1 0

root@rock-3a:/sys/class/gpio/gpio23# echo out > direction
root@rock-3a:/sys/class/gpio/gpio23# cat value
root@rock-3a:/sys/class/gpio/gpio23# echo 0 > value
root@rock-3a:/sys/class/gpio/gpio23# cat value

Sometimes, I get
gpioset 1 1=1
gpioset: error setting the GPIO line values: Device or resource busy

I have activated the overlays:
k3568-i2c1 and rk3568-uart7-m1

Other IOs are working fine. I did not try all of them.
using the original kernel or disabling the overlays did not help.

Any ideas?

It may actually not be a problem of the image but that i use eMMC instead of SD card. Is this possible? That I can not use those pins if I am on a eMMC

At least i got it working on the old image again
I had to comment out
in boot/config.txt

but this is not possible in the current image. is this enabled in the device tree instead of an overlay?