GPIO pinout and HW revision?

I have a 5A with the text printed on the board “version 1.1”. I expected the GPIO pinout as described in the wiki HW 1.1 . But by experiment I found it looks like the pinout is as wiki HW 1.2

So I have HW revision 1.2 despite the text “1.1” printed on the board? Or is there some other explanation?

Oh, it’s simple. :slight_smile:
Wiki has pinouts for X1.1 and X1.2, which are pre-production versions, and your board is V1.1 (not X1.1), so it’s indeed closer to X1.2.

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Thank you for answering @GinKage!

When you say “closer to x1.2” I hope you mean “exactly like x1.2”. Or if x1.2 != v1.1: is there a description of the GPIO pinout for “v1.1” boards?

If only it were that simple… So far it seems that Radca themselves don’t have the up-to-date schematics and pinouts.

Oops. Well I’m in the process of connecting a bunch of stuff. So I’ll post here in a few days what I found.

I do have one hint for you though: on v1.1, there is pull up on SCL but NOT on SDA for I2C8.

I found a note about differences between x1.2 and v1.1 here

And I have used about half the GPIO pins now and can confirm that so far it seems in accordance with x1.2 GPIO pinout.