GPIO on windows (maybe dll)


I would like to know how to control Rock Pi X GPIO under Windows system.
I write programs in Visual C++, can I use Libmraa ? Is there a dll to use in my programs ?
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It’s seems it’s not so obvious, about the use of the GPIO under Windows, i’ve found the following things :

User mode access to low level buses on Windows is plumbed through the existing GpioClx and SpbCx frameworks. A new driver called RhProxy , available on Windows IoT Core and Windows Enterprise, exposes GpioClx and SpbCx resources to user mode. To enable the APIs, a device node for rhproxy must be declared in your ACPI tables with each of the GPIO and SPB resources that should be exposed to user mode.

More details there :

The hardware requirements for the GPIO :

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Thanks a lot for your answer, I will investigate about GpioClx and SpbCx.
I will post informations on this thread when I have advanced on the subject.

Is there a tutorial on using GPIO / PWM / SPI etc. through C# UWP project ? If yes, will you please share a link ? I hope it is possible to use these hardware resources when Rock Pi X runs with Windows 10 Pro.


Hi, did someone has been able to use the GPIO under Windows ?