GPIO library - Any news?

About one month ago @jack hinted that @shine was working on a Rock Pi X version of libmraa, which is a library that includes GPIO, I2C, PWM, etc.

Any updates? Maybe an estimated release date?

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Double that comment - was planning on using these units for a project but they are worthless without the GPIO libraries.

One week later, still no GPIO library on the horizon…

PING Any updates??

All quiet on the Radxa front.

It’s a shame that this board doesnt have a GPIO library yet. Makes this board useless for so many people.

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Maybe this could help get started with gpio.



Maybe someone can document and map the PINs.

Kernel side:
There seems to need a tailored kernel, maybe it could be based on that kernel::

Speaking of enabling user mode access article that is referred here, this article on Microsoft website is difficult to understand. It would be good to have the GPIO library which can be directly used through C# software on Windows 10 Pro.

Perhaps this would help?:


Thanks for your suggestion. I downloaded and built these drivers, but I am clueless as to what to do next in order to have the required API usable through C# application. Should I install the drivers on Rock Pi X ?

you may want to look into this

It would be nice to get even a partially working library. I’m sure there are a lot of persons here who would appreciate even some features and you might get improvements from the community. @Shine any updates? =)

Sorry, I thought I posted the link but it turns out not. Here is the partly working libmraa libraries:

Can it be used on Windows C# ?

Unfortunately, it can not work under Window :frowning:

Thanks for your reply.

Any approximate date you can give for Windows GPIO library release ?

Thank you @jack

The documentation says that only SPI2 pins are supported, but the github source indicates that also the ISH_SPI_* pins should be supported (19, 21, 23…). Is the documentation just out of date?

Also I got an “ValueError: Error initialising SPI bus” error when trying to initialise the Python SPI module. Also /dev/spidev* is missing, so I guess my Ubuntu 20.04 kernel 5.4.0-42-generic is missing some drivers. Anybody else got this working?

Hi everybody.
I searched a lot for accessing low-level peripherals in Windows.
Does anyone have any idea?
I didn’t get any reasonable solution for that. Can we access Intel Atom peripheral registers directly? Is there any driver provided to use?

Hi guys,

Have someone success install libmraa driver?
When I run mraa-gpio list command, it return No Pins. All follow the guideline.


Is the source code available ? I do not use debian I use Linux from scratch and compile everything from source.