GPIO internal Pullup/Pulldown enables

I’ve installed the LIBMRAA on my Buster image on Rock Pi S. And I’m accessing it from Python 3. That works fine…thanks!

But It doesn’t appear that the Pullup/Pulldown is exposed as something I can control. I’ve tried setting pin.mode(mraa.MODE_PULLUP) and PULLDOWN and they don’t appear to do anything. An unconnected GPIO line reads the same with either setting.

Board: 256M, V13 with 1G NAND, NO BT/WIFI

I’m trying to use the GPIOs on the Header 2 connector, pins 39-46

  1. Is this correct? Can’t control the internal pullup/down? Or am I missing something?

  2. If the mode can’t be set, can you tell me if the internal pullups or pulldowns is enabled?

  3. I believe, looking at the schematic for V13 that GPIO3_B2,3,4,5 are connected to the NAND flash. Is this right? Does this mean I should not use those GPIOs for other purposes?

Hi. I would appreciate some support on this topic. I have the same problem. Does pullup and pulldown commands actually do something ? Do GPIO ports on RockPi 4B have pullup and pulldown resistors that can be configure ?


I’m facing the same issue with cm 3, i would appreciate some support