GPIO and connector pinouts

Hi there,

Is there a document with all of the pinouts listed for the Rock 5 ?

Super keen to get my hands on the rock 5. We do a lot of signal processing and the rk3399 chip is strong but limited in power - looking forward to using the rk3588 chip.

We do a lot of non TDM audio signalling and need all of the I2S pins broken out, even if they are spread around the different headers and mixed to other functions. For example, we need I2S0_0 … I2S0_3 broken out. In the past, the only board which could do this was the Rock S, however the rk3308 chip is not very powerful.

Is there anywhere to see what the pinouts of the Rock 5 are and whether we can use this board for our audio applications ?


Any indication of when the schematic will be available ? I would like to see pinouts.