Gnome on Rock Pi 4A doable?

Hello everyone, :slight_smile:
I am a beginner that was happy to install successfully gnome on a rock pi 4A but then issues starts. Hope someone would be able to enlighten me.
So just to explain what I did, I boot from ubuntu18.04 then I used this command to install gnome desktop:
“sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-desktop”

Now I cannot log in on gnome, it says wrong password. Is there a default password on gnome for the first log in ?
I did change the password on unbuntu server, using the command “passwd”, but either “rock” or my “newpassword” works.
I have two user on the first log in image : Rock PI and netplan Daemon user. What is the second one ? I believe I should only use the ROCK PI ?

  • Also another concern is that my screen is flickering like crazy on the “desktop log in page” , it’s a 4k screen, would it be the reason ? not happening with “ubuntu server”
    -also another beginner question, how to boot on ubuntu server when gnome(or any desktop version) have been installed ? I wanted to try to put back the original password… even if I was not sure that was the issue…
    I apologize for all those random questions :slight_smile:
    I really hope someone will answer me, being looking on internet for some tips, but could not find something that would help me.
    Have a nice day everyone