Git repo for KiCad symbols and footprints

Hey all,

I’ve started a github repo for KiCad footprints and Symbols.

At the time of writing this, the RockPi S has it’s symbol defined. However it needs the footprint.
As I mentioned in this post : RockPi S, DXF doesn't load in KiCad
The DXF files for the RockPi S don’t load in KiCad.


I did it manually for this project

I can create the symbol and the footprint if you like

That would be good, I did already do this, however I think I need to use through hole headers . My headers are too short for the usb/eth connectors.

You got through hole footprints ?

Yes I did, but I made cut in the PCB to take care of the connectors

I just realized you are Max from AudioInjector, aren’t you?

Are you planning to design some boards for RockPi boards? If yes, please let me know, I’d like too cooperate with you!

I would love to !

Any ideas ?