Getting started with ROCk5A

Finally getting around to start working with the ROCK 5A units that I received last month.

Flashed mSD card with both DEBIAN and UBUNTU official images and neither of them want to boot. The boots starts then I lose video sync and it just loops.

mSD card is Samsung 64GB Pro Endurance. Used BalenaEtcher as per doc file to write IMG files to the card.

When looking at the root of the mSD, there are 2 txt files. (Before.txt and After.txt). Is this correct? Do these files need to be edited at all?

What is the quickest way to get this SBC booted up, regardless of OS.


You can refer this guide to start:

Please note that your power supply should support USB PD/QC with 9V or higher for 5A to boot.

Thanks got it going. Wrote image to a different mSD card and it booted fine.