FYI: Inindev 6.10 RC Debian builds

Hi There,
just to let you know inindev released an image with 6.10 kernel. For anyone interested:
P.s.: I’m not affiliated in any way

Can perhaps the rock-5b (rk3588): inindev kernel 6.10.0-rc6-arm64 image be used also on the Rock 5A ?


Hi There, AFAIK only Rock-5b is supported (and some other boards mentioned on Github). I woudn’t suggest using it as long as the board is not supported.

Thanks. Would it be asking too much for a Rock 5A version ? :sunglasses:

Hi There, this is not my project. I’m just using the image. Please feel free and ask inindev via Github-Issues. As far as I could see hes answering questions there. Best