Fullflash SPI image for ROCK PI 4C+

Hi all.
Does any have full flash image for SPI flash for ROCK PI 4C?

I want to write directly image via programator and solder flash manualy.

Image from here don’t work - https://dl.radxa.com/rockpi/images/loader/spi/


Are you using 4C Plus or the old 4C. 4C Plus doesn’t have SPI flash on board.

You are right - 4C Plus doesn’t have SPI flash on board but it has place for SPI flash.
And we have guide about install - https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/hardware/spi_flash
other one
But 4C+ don’t have OTG port(((. I want to write firmware to SPI flash directly via programmer.

4C+ has OTG port, upper USB3 is OTG port, the same as 4B+.

Guys somesing wrong with guides
Here - https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/hardware/spi_flash
recomended SPI flash memory:

  • W25Q64FV
  • GD25Q127CSIG
  • XT25F32B
  • XT25F128B
    All this memory 3.3V

Here (schematic of board, page 16) - https://dl.radxa.com/rockpi4/docs/hw/rockpi4/rockpi4c_plus_v12_sch_220304.pdf
recomended SPI flash memory - W25Q64FWZPIG. This memory on 1.8V

Were is mistake???

The SPI Flash on the ROCK (Pi) 4 are all 3.3V, please ignore the model W25Q64FWZPIG on the schematic(check the VCC3V3_SYS instead), it must be copy and paste from somewhere.

Can someone please give me a picture of a spi on the 4c+. I need to know in which direction to place the spi on.