FreeBSD 13-CURRENT on Rock Pi E

Hello to all.

I have successfully built a FreeBSD boot image for ROCK Pi E.
But so far I do not have the equipment. :slight_smile:

Can someone test it?

I will be grateful to you.


I will test it in some time.

Thanks… Any luck with second lan?

Post the sources?

Sources published on GitHub :grinning:

@SleepWalker, Sorry, I meant the souces for building bootable FreeBSD for the RockPiE.

FreeBSD’s crochet tool doesn’t have support for RockPiE. The repository hasn’t had any commits for months.

Edit: got your GitHub, can’t find commit for rockpie

Have you tried downloading my latest image.
Does HDMI work?
I’ll post it on github when I’m sure it works!
I don’t have Rock-Pi E in stock yet.
Therefore, I am asking you to test my boot image.

The image works but second lan is still not supported and I cannot test hdmi as my adaptor just fit it the connector coz of lan port coming in its way.

Thanks for the work @SleepWalker, btw gonzo just recieved his device so I assume he might put some time for second lan during this weekend…
What do you say?

Freebsd have support for both the lan card since the latest test image built yesterday by @SleepWalker

Latest Link here.

All the work done by @SleepWalker and gonzo from freebsd community.

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