FPD Link II/LVCMOS output

Hi there,

Is it possible to encode the Radxa Zero image output into FPD Link II?

More specifically using the DS90C241-Q1 or DS90UR241-Q1 chips.

Supposedly on Raspberry Pi 3 you can use a LVCMOS output from the GPIO (alternate usage) but I’m not sure how I can do it here.

For FPD Link III there are serializers that receives the HDMI signal and encodes it to the FPD-Link III, but I need to use the II (legacy system in a car).

Any ideas?

Unfortunately, Radxa Zero doesn’t support RGB video on the 40P GPIO header.

Maybe not the right place to ask but since we are talking about electronics here, worth the shot.

Any idea of how I can use DS90UR241-Q1 with HDMI or at least convert the HDMI to the signal that DS90UR241-Q1 receives?

I’m not really from electronics but with some direction I might be able to find resources for it.