Fogwise Airbox first impressions

I bought one of these to learn something about using local AI apps and for it’s promised video processing. It arrived about a week ago and I have been working though the Radxa docs. I have found the CNX review helpful with this.

The first concern I have is about the power usage. It seems, at least with the current full image (sdcard-radxa-airbox-b5-20240606.img), everthing is set to the max power and there is no documented way to default to a low power idling state? The fan is certainly very noisy in a domestic environment and makes the tiny USB microphone pre-order gift a bit of a joke (the power supply and wifi card are good).
Because of the power usage and fan noise I am turning the box off when I am not directly using it :slightly_frowning_face:

That said, the supplied AI examples are interesting and do run as doc umented.
I wonder how easy it would for me to find documentation for and perform the kind of steps ,for example, as described here

As to the video processing potential, I could find little documentation. There is a custom build of FFMPEG and I assume this is the way to go. However running it as admin generates shared library errors. I think there is a config problem with the latest version (0.71). Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to use the previous (0.5) version allows it to run but I have not explored what codecs are accererated yet and the base FFMPEG version seems quite old.

In short, this is a promising box but it currently has a lot of rough edges. I hope these will be addressed in coming software releases.

thanks for your feedback