Flytech screenXgo touch. Small non-professional review

So I finally got screenXgo touch, touch screen is doing its work, nothing to say there. As for colors. Judge for youself. Since i do not own this costly devices for color’s spectrum i will use plain old comparasition on the same camera.

Top screen is my IPS monitor (Iiyama ProLite XUB2390HS-1). Brightness 40% all other settings are default.
Middle is screen2go (Now it called screenXgo, model is the same, most likely name change happened because of additional accessories). Brightness is 100%

Bottom screen is OLED PS Vita screen. This screen have most closest to ideal colors. Brightness 100%

Notice: Vertical lines on top screen is camera artifact.






Video with outside light (well, video contains spoilers for anime Bleach)


In my case white is too warm for my, but it can solved to some degree by editing output signal settings. Still, having full customization would be great thing to have.

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