Flash eMMC via Maskrom mode: rkdevelopertool does not build on Linux/Debian, also RKDevTool not on windows. How fix?


1 The build instructions at bottom of https://github.com/radxa/rkdeveloptool and at https://wiki.radxa.com/Rock5/install/rockchip-flash-tools do not work. That is for the rkdeveloptool current on 4 Nov 2023.

On a Debian Live system (https://gemmei.ftp.acc.umu.se/debian-cd/current-live/amd64/iso-hybrid/debian-live-12.2.0-amd64-standard.iso), doing this:

apt install aptitude git

aptitude install libudev-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev dh-autoreconf

aptitude install pkg-config

git clone https://github.com/radxa/rkdeveloptool.git
cd rkdeveloptool
autoreconf -i

Fails with:

./configure: line 5384: syntax error near unexpected token `LIBUSB1,libusb-1.0' ./configure: line 5384: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBUSB1,libusb-1.0)'

The bottom of the github page mentions the issue but it is not fixed.

Can you fix it? Thanks!

Also, is there some other Linux distribution with live image where rkdeveloptool builds & works, please suggest.

2 Before trying on Linux, I tried on Windows: I couldn’t get the RKDevTool_Release_v2.96 eMMC flashing via MaskRom described at https://wiki.radxa.com/Rock5/install/usb-install-emmc to work, in the first place.

Following the instructions for flashing the image to the eMMC, “Test Device Fail” is printed in the rightmost pane. The Rock5B is recognized as a USB device however, and RKDevTool did recognize that one MaskRom device is attached. Not sure what failed here.

3 I thought of this workaround Is it possible to flash the eMMC from SD memory card boot - ROCK 5 Series / 5B - Radxa Forum, would be great to have it clarified too.


We have moved to a new documentation site, where you can find the up to date info regarding rkdeveloptool installation here.

Could be that the loader bin you used is not up to date. Please try extracting ROCK 5B rkboot.bin from our latest bootloader package.