FFmpeg rkmppenc : Hardware encoding with ffmpeg

Did anyone already try the rkmppenc fork of ffmpeg on the rock5B?

jjm2473/ffmpeg-rk: 支持rockchip mpp硬件加速编解码的ffmpeg版本。Forked ffmpeg that supports rkmpp decodeing, encoding and rga filter (github.com)

ffmpeg is no longer supported by rockchip because of license issue. Please check gstreamer instead.

That is really bad news, as the 2 programs I was planning to use on the Rock 5B are depending on ffmpeg. Namely:

Kodi and TvHeadEnd (transcoding).

This is why I was glad to see that fork

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There is work done here: https://launchpad.net/~liujianfeng1994/+archive/ubuntu/rockchip-multimedia
According to him, it works with kodi. In my experiments, it only worked with kernel 5.10.66 (with @icecream95 patch, already included) , not on 5.10.110. But i have kernel 5.10.110 with a totally different kernel config.

Surprisingly, this decoder worked on my kernel 5.10.110 in KMS/DRM mode with some flickering and i am trying to figure out if it is mpp or kms issue. I am using ffmpeg-drm to test it.

But i thought you asked about the encoder and somehow it worked here, but not sure it was encoded by the h264_rkmpp or not, so you need someone else assurance.

I will do some more tests if i can recover some work from my lost eMMC. I had good stuff there.

i tried kodi on armbian and it seemed to work well except 4k 10 bit hevc content didn’t play

Will vaapi be supported? Gstreamer is unfortunately useless for applications like Jellyfin and Kodi, however ffmpeg and vaapi are compatible.