Fedora 36 Rockpi 4b

Hi! I’ve created a Fedora 36 eMMC image for Rockpi 4b. How do I share the image with the community? Is anyone interested?

Hi! Mega may be a good choice.


Refer to https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/dev/usb-install for instructions of installing to onboard eMMC.
To reiterate:
Use USB Male A to Male A cable to connect Rockpi OTG port to your pc.
Press the middle button, then power on and unpress the button
Download the image with the above link
sudo dnf install -y rkdeveloptool
wget “https://dl.radxa.com/rockpi/images/loader/rk3399_loader_v1.20.119.bin
xz -d rockpi-4b-fedora-minimal-36-1.5-aarch64-gpt.img.xz
sudo rkdeveloptool ld #confirm the output contains “Maskrom”
sudo rkdeveloptool db rk3399_loader_v1.20.119.bin
sleep 1
sudo rkdeveloptool wl 0 rockpi-4b-fedora-minimal-36-1.5-aarch64-gpt.img
sudo rkdeveloptool rd
After booting, you may want to grow the root partition to the whole device with fdisk and resize2fs.
Also note it’s a minimal version of fedora. You may want to switch to the desired edition with dnf group install "Fedora Server Edition", dnf group install "Fedora Workstation", etc.

Tips to recreate the image (for advanced users only):

  1. Download the official fedora aarch64 image. It has a DOS partition table. We will use its partitions but in a GPT partition table. Will refer to the file as fedora.img
  2. Download an official rockpi os GPT image. Will refer to this file as rockpi.img
  3. dnf install uboot-images-armv8
  4. Use partx -v -a rockpi.img to mount the last partition of rockpi.img (/dev/loop0p5), then copy and save all the usr/lib/firmware/brcm/4345 files somewhere. Then umount and run losetup -d /dev/loop0.
  5. Use fdisk fedora.img to lookup the partitions in fedora.img.
  6. Use fdisk rockpi.img to delete all partitions except the first two. Then create new partitions with the same size (in blocks) as in fedora.img. Add more bytes to the end of rockpi.img if needed.
  7. Use partx -v -a rockpi.img and partx -v -a fedora.img to get the loop partition devices. Copy all the fedora.img partitions (starting from partition 1) to corresponding rockpi.img partitions (starting from partition 3) with dd.
  8. Mount the last partition on rockpi.img again and restore the usr/lib/firmware/brcm/4345 files from step 4.
  9. sudo dd if=/usr/share/uboot/rock-pi-4-rk3399/idbloader.img of=/dev/loop0p1 && sudo dd if=/usr/share/uboot/rock-pi-4-rk3399/u-boot.itb of=/dev/loop0p2
  10. umount /dev/loop0* /dev/loop1* and losetup -d /dev/loop0 /dev/loop1. You are done. rockpi.img is your image.

For troubleshooting use serial console on UART2.

Can u show us some images and give some feedback?