Fan replacement rockpi 4 and sata quad hat

Hey there,

I have the rock pi 4 with the quad sata hat and the metall case-
I repeadly experience problems with the fans. Both the top fan as well the cpu fan seem to be low quality and started to sound weird after quite a short time of operation.
I tried to replace the top fan but due to the lack of finding a compatible fan, the top fan does not start by itself’s and it starts to speed up to 100% when I start the shutdown procedure.
However the CPU fan was covered with some dust, but this shouln’t have any effect. Even after cleaning the fan seems to be just baggy.

Does anyone know of any suitable fans capable of beeing plug and play replacable.

I kind of getting sick of this device. I have a Nextcloud raid running on this machine and additionally struggle also with some software problems.

Anyone know of any good fans?

You can get fan replacement on allnet, same as Yours but new.
My fans are still ok, but when they die I plan to replace both with turbine fans and also try setup with heatpipes, I got whole box of laptop cooling systems and something with small mod should fit, the only question is PWM control.