Fan control on android

Is there any possibility to Control the Fan im android Rom? The fan works continously with Max Speed.

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Is the temperature of the board high when running Android?

the system boots the android rom and independently what you are doing the active fan runs with fully speed and is too noisy for production use. I have not found any app for android to control the fan speed in dependency of the cpu temperature. There are some apps to control a remote fan via bluetooth but nothing to manage the internal fan for cooling the cpu. When running with ubuntu is is no problem to control the fan speed with the pwm script, uploaded by el_sattchomo …

Same problem for me. The temperature should be low, and the heat sink’s temperature is lower than my finger.

I wish the Android ROM could have an internal feature for fan control.

I think its going to be the same as with linux as the chosen 5v seems to struggle to provide the amperage and what should be a fairly smooth PWM operation is sort of all over the place.

Fan Control Software for ROCK5B | ROCK5B PWM风扇控制软件

I am thinking it maybe hardware than software so irrespective of Android or Linux results might be similar.
shenmuecn did a great fan control app but in use its sort of the same as the fan starts very late and acts almost like linear control and not pwm.

Same for me on Rock 5B, Android 12.1. CPU is relatively cold.
Are there any updates or guide how to fix the issue (re-build android & kernel from scratch is OK for me)?

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