Failing to boot from Transcend nvme ssd

I successfully ran radxa debian desktop from a uSD card.
I tried the procedure to boot from nvme as per
(upgrading bootloader via method 2 and burning the same debian desktop image to the SSD from etcher with an USB adapter) and everything went as described.

I booted the board with the uSD off and the SSD connected, but No Success.
Both green and blue lights are fixed but nothing on the screen.

The board is a Rockpi4B 4GB V.1.4
The SSD is Transcend TS256GMTE220S 256 GB NVMe PCIe Gen3 X4.

Any ideas?

I think we will have to add this SSD to “work with Linux but not bootloader list” :frowning:

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actually doesnt work at all with rockpi linux (even if booted from SD)
It works out of the box with official armbian

I think this is the the first case here, by official Armbian, which link are you referring to?

I mean, booting from official rockpi debian stretch desktop (from uSD), the Transcend nvme SSD is not recognized (saw nvme errors in dmesg). So I guess its also not supported from radxa kernel also.

It works fine from the official armbian stretch tho (booting from uSD)