External SSD via USB 3.0

I have Crucial MX500 1 TB connected externally to USB 3.0 via adapter.
When this disk operates on PC it goes up to 300-500 MB/s write on the same adapter (Unitek or LogiLink).
The file system is NTFS.
However on my Rock Pi (and the drive is connected to USB 3.0) the drive does not go above 30-32 MB/s write speed.

Is there any solution to make the drive work with higher speeds?

EDIT: This happens when I am using Samba and copying file from PC to disk connected to this Rock Pi - so samba is first suspect (it is 1 Gb Ethernet), and NTFS support is second suspect. Locally the drive is 154 MB/s - writable.

Seems like Samba+NTFS is a bad solution: https://superuser.com/a/1544230/173551
Additional Samba options are not helping.

Write to eMMC the same way is at ~104 MB/s.

This can’t work.

EDIT: I’ve changed the fs on SSD and with ext4 there is full (ca 115 MB/s) write speed.