External device connectivity and configuration on Rock Pi 4


I recently procured a Rock pi4 Model B and I plan to use Android TV OS. I also plan to install an IR sensor (3-pin) on the GPIO pins and then use a Universal Remote to browse the pages. I know that we can use a wireless keyboard, but having an IR as an alternative could be a good option. Please suggest how to install the IR sensor such that Android TV would be able to detect the remote and its keys. If there is a schematic and a script, it would be helpful.
Secondly will be it be possible to install an external Microphone (Condenser Mic) directly onto the 3.5mm Jack? Is a pre-amp circuit required with the condenser mic, or will it work directly? If so can you provide the schematic? Can you share the 3.5mm Jack connectivity diagram as well? Which pin on the 3.5mm jack corresponds to the microphone?
Lastly, can we have a dual boot option (ex: boot Android TV on eMMC or Ubuntu on SSD)?


If you can spare a USB port I have had a VERY good experience with this remote on my Android TV Nvidia Shield.
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My only gripe is the colored IR button have to be activated before they are used each time (TV button). The rest of the remote is RF. Really, this remote will change your experience completely.

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Honestly, You dont need an IR remote. You can clone the 4 colored button on this remote to use IR for your TV if need be. A single press of the power button turns off my Shield, Speaker System & projector. A single press of the one of the colored IR buttons turns them all back on again.


Understood! But they idea was to use an unused remote lying around that I could customise. I am currently operating my Rock Pi using a wireless keyboard. However a microphone would be handy for invoking Google Assistant