External CPU fan needed?

I have been using my Rock Pi E board as a Wireless AP and it’s overheating way too much - almost 65-70 degree celsius. I even placed heatsink over the processor; and even on the wireless chip but it barely made any difference at this temperature.

I think this is largely because RK3328 is made out of 40nm fabrication process - whereas the chip on Raspberry Pi (that I used for exactly same purpose and barely cross 50 degree C ) has 28nm process.

I think I would have to utilize the GPIO pin to power an external fan but wanted to ask here before I venture on that journey.

A fan will always help. That said, if it’s not throttling (or it is but it’s not affecting performance for the intended task) then 65-70C, while high, is a safe temperature for the chip. Have you used some sort of thermal interface material between the chip and heatsink? If you haven’t, the heat won’t transfer very well (though the reasonable size of a heatsink you could use on that board would still saturate fairly quickly if left completely passive).

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I haven’t tried thermal paste yet but would use that soon. I realized as long as I am not hitting 80 degrees which is the upper limit of operational temperature for this board I should be fine. I will install a fan and power it off GPIO power pins.

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