External antenna for 4B+ v1.72

Hi all, i have the Rock pi 4 B+ v1.72.
The wi-fi connection is pretty bad, so i guess that can be fixed with an external antenna… now, i saw that for older models it was necessary to solder an uFL connector on the board, but i found this connector (see pic attached) on my board, does this mean the external antenna will work straight away if i plug it on this connector?

Thank you!

Yes. The external antenna is needed.

What antenna would you recommend? Banana pi has a 5dB antena and Raspberry pi has a 2dB one

Hi ccarneiro,
I had the same problem and ordered a 2dB antenna - hopefully with the right connector. I guess a 5dB antenna is better if AP is far away from your RockPi. I have only distances around 5-10 meters to the next AP.

I will give you a feedback soon…


Looking forward for your reply, maxkr. Thanks

I am using 4B+ v1.72. It should have built in antenna. After I do “nmcli dev wifi list”, it shows a lot APs and the signal strength is very good for my AP. It can also see the neighbors AP. When you do the scan what is the signal strength or RSSI of the other APs do you see?

My first antenna had the wrong connector (MHF4 instead of U.FL/ MHF1), so I am sorry for the delay.

I connected my (second) antenna to RockPi4, booted and network was connected automatically, without antenna I didn’t find only a few APs before. But the new model now is a 2-4dBi-antenna.