Ethernet with usb-c adapter on android

Is there a way to use usb ethernet adapter on android with the radxa zero? I have tried an USB-A adapter with USB OTG, and a normal USB-C ethernet adapter too, but nothing is happening. Do I have to modify something?
Type-c adapter:
Type-a adapter:

Both of the adapters are working as intended with other computers.

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Did you have any updates about the fix? I want to buy a couple of Radxa Zero but want to use Ethernet instead of WiFi.

Yes, I have. The second adapter (type-a gembird with otg adapter) is working as intended, but had to wait like 20 seconds for the adapter to be recognized. I think this may be a power issue, because I am giving the power from my TV. I have got another Type-C LAN adapter from my coworker yesterday, and I will test that too. That is a really universal one from Ugreen, so it is available worldwide. If it is working I will get to you today (or at the weekend if I forget it)

Any success with any USB C adapter.

I was dreaming of being able to use a POE to USB-C adapter to both power and have networking, but no dice…