Ethernet slow response Rock PI 4

It’s hard to make a clear statement wether we are facing a problem in the Rock PI 4 ethernet or a unappropriated eth0 settings.
The facts are that I run a Java program which works as an interface between 2 devices. Both devices they send lots of small pictures (1024x368 BMP) back and force plus loads of tiny telnet commands.
I would say the the lan is quite busy with tiny images and telnet commands.
The problems we are facing is that the 2 devices hang due too lack of reply on the commands they send.
It is a guarantee that the app works well. We already run the same app in a regular laptop and there was no single hang since days of work, while when we run it in the rock pi, it hangs several times a day.
In some other forums, people mention that the memory buffer allocated for the eth0 is way to small.
Not sure if Im looking in the right direction or not, but using Debian, how should I adjust the memory buffer allocated to the eth0.
I’m using more than 200 Rock pi per year, so things are escalating.
Would like to hear a piece of advice.


Have you tried the same process under Armbian with modern kernel?

I did not!!
Sorry for the ignorant doubt but, the Debian I’m using is the official distribution on the radxa.
My colleague just found Armbian Bionic.
We will install and test.

Any particular idea why you suggest Armbian instead of Debian ??
Whats the story behind?

THX again

Searching for linux kernel udp buffer size using Google may be useful.

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Linux is a community project. Armbian is a community project specialized in (selection of) single board computers backed by people that understand this hardware at least at the same level that people that wired this chip to the PCB. Also board schematics and adaptations - their work - is (must be) available which significantly raises chances that we will support their hardware with our resources. Community invest magnitude more and our OS is already lowest possible on their levels. On a long run, no board makers can and wont support you - its too expensive. On the Debian side, single board computers have very little/basic support. Armbian is Debian or cleaned Ubuntu on the user space side. It has better hardware support, tools, optimization, updating, strong community, …

(video story from scratch)

Besides, hardware peoples interest is in building hardware and IHMO they are already focusing on their new product … while we can and will fully support 5+ years old devices.