Ethernet not working

Hi Guys,
Recently i bought 4 rock pi’s out of 4 one of the rock pi ethernet is not working , led is blinking but no eth0 in interface list or dmesg , tried changing cables/ports , nothing . im using same armbian ubuntu bionic on all 4 , 3 are working perfect, maybe hardware issue?

Have you tried using the exact same SD that is used in a RockPi 4 with working ethernet?

Yes, ethernet is working on other rock Pi with same emmc

I have exactly the same behavior.
Any suggestions what to do or how to solve this?

Nope , its hardware issue , you have to return

Thanks for your fast reply! I will return the defective one.

Have you tried ifconfig -a?

It can’t connect via remote or ssh. So no chance to try it. When using an Image on SD Card the Ethernet Port works. But when I boot from EMMC, it doesn’t do anything… Even pinging is not possible.

Do you have serial console or HDMI?

I already sent the faulty ones back to be replaced…
If I ever have another one with this behavior I will keep it and do some tests.