Eth0 not working if uSD card presents


we bought a new ROCK Pi E HW revision V21. After the latest official rockpie Debian buster image (20200717) booted from uSD card, the eth0 is listed in the OS but not working. Message eth0: link is not ready is shown in syslog after a manual iface restart via ip link command (with a cable connected to it). LEDs aren’t blinking.

In case of boot from internal eMMC storage with NO uSD card inserted, both interfaces are working well. Also on previous HW revision of ROCK Pi E (V12), the issue has not appeared.

What can you recommend to get it working?


Have you tried these commands to get IP:

dhclient eth0

And what is the result of sudo dmesg after dhclient eth0 ?

Hi @Stephen,

the command ends up with timeout after approx one minute with no message in the log. Both indication LEDs are still OFF.