ETH Not Working

eth doesn’t work. the led at the ETH interface does not light up. It works on another Pi. Same cables, same software. but number 2 makes no mux.
What can I do

the ETH connection is definitely defect. Aren’t the Rockpi checked? It is not a good thing to sell such things to the customer. now I have to wait a long time until I get replacement :frowning:

Hi ingo,

I understand the sentence “number 2 makes no mux”.

What system do you use? What will ifconfig print?

We checked, including functional tests and stress tests.

ifconfig says eth0 OK,
But network status says not OK. the LEDs do not light up
Rockpi number 1 network OK
Rockpi number 2 network Not OK.
Same cables same system MMC
Sent return

Two ethernet? What model?

And what system do you use?

I have 2 rockpi modell A, one OK the other broken
system: rockpis_debian_buster_minimal_arm64_191219_0406-gpt.img

The new device is now there, unfortunately it also has a defect in the ETH socket.
A question? The manufacturer has a problem with reasonable components.
It cannot be that the new device is also faulty. Loose contact in the ETH socket.
Are you not checking the devices for functionality?