ETA on USB3.1 TO EMMC Reader/writer

Any estimate on when it will be back in stock?

the chip GL3227E is out of supply, I think maybe we will have to wait for another 26 weeks.

do you think slower USB3 reader is acceptable? say only 100MB/s, only HS200 mode instead of HS400 mode.

Seems some still are avail on aliexpress if that is any good?

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I tried to buy one of these from aliexpress and a day after I paid for it, They replied it’s saying it’s “discontinued from the manufacturer” and “no longer available” so assume all the ones listed on AliExpress are out of stock too!

I can’t speak for others, but for me the appeal is the convenience of just plugging it in to USB and not needing 2 adapters (a USB to MicroSD adapter and MicroSD to EMMC adapter), so I would still buy it if it’s slower.

The problem is the high shipping costs,you charge more for shipping to Canada that the cost of most items. Forcing people to wait until they can place a large order to justify the high shipping cost. I wish you had lower cost SLOW shipping options, I’m not in a hurry I really don’t need to have my package sent express 7 days I’d be happy with 30 days if it meant lot cheaper shipping.