ESP32 & ESP8266 Developer Build

Hello my Fellow RockPi People,

Attempting the ESP32 and ESP8266 development build/toolbox on the Ubuntu Mate 18.04 Distro with my new RockPi 4B.
Ive attempted to do the Espressif build but keep getting hung-up after I make the esp diectory. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, so, after a few failed fragmented attempts Ive completely wiped my drive and started afresh in hopes of finding out what everyone else is doing so I can emulate that and get my system up and running.

Thanks for any suggestions before hand,

Do you have the commands or ESP build environment setting up instructions to refer? We don’t know what you have done on the ROCK PI 4 when it hung-up.

Btw, what power adapter are you using? 5V?

Hey Jack,
Been really busy. But Im using this build And yes Im using the 5V… Thanks for the reply.

5V is not enough to power ROCK Pi 4, you can use a 12V fixed type C power adapter, or a QC/PD capable power adapter.

I have the recommended power supply that radxa sells. So, I know for a fact that’s not the issue.