eSATA connector on Penta Sata Hat

Anybody knows the manufacturer/part number of the eSATAp connector on Penta Sata Hat? I accidentally squashed it and want to buy a part from digikey or mouser or alibaba to replace it.

Any esata with power will do. They also called “power esata”

Thank you for your advice. But this type of connector seems to be rare nowadays. It seems the connector on Penta Sata Hat is a dual power esata/usb connector (esatapd) with 12V power supply in addition to USB 5V. I have checked digikey and mouser, no branded supplier such as amphenol, te, or molex has esatapd connector on their list. Also the footprint is probably not compatible to each other since esatapd is not an official extension from sata standard. It seems to be an “invention” from Taiwain mobo connector manufacturer. Specifically I found a US patent granted to Taiwin Electronics for esatapd connector design. But I have no idea where to buy components from this manufacturer.

Erm… You are going a bit too faaar,

This cable not that rare.

Thank you so much. But I meant the on-board connector, the receptacle, not the plug at the end of cable.

Then you lost me, i thought you meant this slot

I did mean this connector. But I meant the on-board receptacle.

The only one I could find on the Internet is a DeLock part which has been discontinued for a long time. Noticing two wide pins right behind the positioning bosses.These two pins carries 12V power supply and the connector is mentioned as eSATApd by DeLock (d for dual power). Most parts from other vendors do not have these two pins. They are either a eSATA + USB combo connector which has only +5V power supply from USB VBUS, or a standard, signal-only eSATA connector without any power supply at all.

The connector on the Penta Sata Hat is a eSATApd connector which carries dual power. It is very convenient for the users. I don’t know why the eSATApd cable is still common on the market but the receptacle connector is really rare. Really weird.

Does anyone here have the priviledge to check the BOM list of the board, and tell me the manufacturer/part number? I need a replace part.