Energy consumption

Hello everyone, I am evaluating the purchase of an SBC (the Radxa Zero seems to be the best equipment, power / consumption) for one of my projects, but I cannot find reliable sources regarding the consumption of the SBCs. Have any of you carried out extensive tests?

Its likely @tkaiser will have for the zero somewhere

I have not tested it. But says “The max power consumption of Radxa Zero without USB peripheral is 3.3W.”

Yeh, I already see that, but for me the idle consumption it’s important like the max power…
What about a SBC that have min 2.5 and max 3.3 compared to one the have a 1.0 like idle.
If you use batteries it can’t be ignored ^^

@F3x according to the comparison benchmarks done by this guy, it is 0.9W on idle

thanks at all guy