Enable adb in yocto for ROCK Pi S

Greetings !
If anyone tried integrating “adb” for ROCK Pi S in yocto , requesting to share the steps .
I have appended “andriod-tools” in yocto but I could not able to connect the board through adb.

Thanks in Advance

hi, do you have the solution already. I needed the adb to be able to run on yocto project as well.

I do implement same way as the debian 10 image that called bash script to initialize the adb, but i encounter error like this

root@rockpi-s-rk3308:~# systemctl restart android-tools-adbd
[  439.543062] configfs-gadget ff400000.usb: failed to start rockchip: -19

those kind of error happend when i tried to set the UDC file at kernel folder using echo.