eMMC to uSD adapter with RockPi-S

I want to use eMMC with RockPi-S SBC. Is it possible if I use the uSD-eMMC converter and then plug it in the uSD card socket? Will it work properly?

The on-board FLASH is insufficient for my application and I have had issues with SD card after hard reset.

If you have issue with SD card after hard reset, you will also have issue with uSD-eMMC after hard reset.

You can wait for the 4GB SD Nand(MLC Nand) version of ROCK Pi S, which cost is the same as the 1GB SD Nand(SLC nand).

ok good to know that… but if i use the converter will it work? will RockPi detect the storage?

Jack can u pls confirm if emmc works with rockpi-s on the emmc socket pins? I have designed my own baseboard for the rockpi-s SoM D4W but emmc is not working on it… is there a separate image for that? I get “write lba failed” error from the rkdevtools… after failing to run emmc there i started this topic as a workaround. But i want emmc to work directly and i have the baseboard for the emmc module as well

The image for SD Nand and eMMC is the same one. The loader will detect the storage media in defined order to write the image. Please paste your full log when you run the

rkdeveloptool db rk3308_loader_uart0_m0_emmc_port_support_sd_20190717.bin

is there a log in any file or do you mean on the Debug console uart?

This image is of the console uart.Screenshot%20from%202020-09-25%2012-15-24%20(2)

How long should I wait for 4GB SD Nand(MLC Nand)??
And where can I buy it??
I never saw a Rock Pi S which have more than 1GB SD Nand.
Nobody sell it.

The chip manufacturer is too slow to provide the 4GB sd nand sample. We are testing it now. Once it passes, it will be on the market soon.

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