EMMC to SD reader odroid

Hi there,

I’ve recently purchased the official rockpi 4 EMMC to SD card reader from reichelt and it’s really crap. Its the same board but but some different parts are soldered on. Additionally whenever i connect it to a system one of the following things can happen: The pc panics and reboots, The card is constantly disconnected, the card is not recognized at all.

Since i’m not trusting the build quality of the i’d like to purchase the odroid one, since Radxa stated that one can also be used.

I’ve found this module, can anyone confirm if this connector works ?


But this only has one connecting slot ? Can anyone explain how i can connect the EMMC module ? I’m a bit afraid to fry the EMMC if i connect it wrong.

Thank you in advance

PS: the emmc module i’m using is 128 GB.

While I cannot confirm that that one will work, I can confirm that only ONE of the two connectors is actually used. The second one is just for mechanical alignment.