Emmc-sd card slot - Rock 3A

Product in testing : Rock 3A
Product to replace : Raspberry Pi 3B and Odroid 4C

  • Product correctly booted with MicroSd card (Debian)
  • we cannot boot 3A when we use the “emmc + sd socket” that is being sold by HardKernel (Odroid). we only see LED light on
  • we use this emmc… is it impossible to connect emmc to the sd card slot of rock board?
  • for Raspberry Pi and Odroid, we installed emmc in the sd slot
  • if cannot, please advise if we have to use the emmc connector from Radxa or OKDO only.

You can just install the eMMC module to the ROCK 3A. There are two eMMC connectors on the ROCK 3A but there is a single eMMC connector on the odroid eMMC module. You can just connect this single eMMC connector on the ROCK 3A, it will just work.


• Still the software is being developed, so for new CPU (Rock), we are just checking standard OS installation and some parts related to booting
• We are not using the eMMC modules of hard kernel. We are going to use eMMC module that we have made for ourselves.
• In previous application, we made our own eMMC and turn it into a form of SD card and used it.
• In Rock, we found that eMMC does not run in a format of SD card, so I think we have change to eMMC connector type totest.

Request : Can we get the circuit diagram for the “eMMC connector area” of ROCK 3A and 3C?

Please check page 17 of ROCK 3C schematic.

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