EMMC doesn't show up

EMMC doesn’t show up. Not in the bios, not in windows, not in linux. I think I’ve found a button but not sure how to use it.

Hi, @qqMajiKpp

The eMMC is designed for the ROOBI(Radxa Out Of Box Installer) recovery OS, which downloads and install OS from the internet. For normal boot, the BIOS does not report it the the OS. Press and hold the Recovery Button (emmc_key in the schematic) then power up, the eMMC will be recognized by the BIOS.

When I hold the emmc button dirong power on, the led turns red and nothing happens till I release it. But it still doesn’t seem to show up

The eMMC is empty for the X2L SBC. Hold the eMMC button first then power on, go to the BIOS setting menu, you will see the eMMC show in BIOS, now you can install OS to eMMC.

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So, to confirm, each time I wish to use the emmc, I’ll have to power on while holding the emmc button?

Yes, it’s intended for the recovery OS, you only need it when you need to recover.

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That’s nifty, thanx for all that