eMMC 16GB for Rockpi4 in EU?


Where can bay eMMC 16GB for Rockpi4 in EU?


I think they sell them on the allnet website here:

It says it’s compatible with ODroid, so my guess is any eMMC for ODroid will work. You can get those on Amazon.


Does Rocki Pi 4 B start flawlessly from single eMMC without uSD/USB?


Hi pbies. For now only direct boot over uSD and eMMC. For USB and others not exactly.

Quoted from Jack
"Currently Android/Linux is running on eMMC and microSD card only. Running on USB3 or NVMe SSD is a little bit trouble some since the CPU can not load USB/NVME directly to boot. So we must put an external bootloader in SPI flash or eMMC or microSD card to loader the image in USB 3 or NVMe SSD. ROCK Pi 4 has reserved SPI flash on board but currently not mounted by default shipping. We are still considering it since if the program in SPI flash is corrupted, it will be trouble some for user since the SPI flash is not removable. We will work on Android running on USB 3 or NVMe SSD. "


allnet not send to Poland ;/
“We don’t offer shipping to Poland.”


As per Jack “Team Radxa”
RockPi4 has only one eMMC version, 5.1. Please check your board if it supports eMMC 5.1

It would seem RockPi only supports eMMC 5.1.
Odroid also states that some of their eMMC’s are ONLY for certain specific Odroid products.


Hi,please check rockpi.eu. innet24.de adn Reichelt is selling there.


m.reichelt.nl send to Poland :sunglasses:


64GB eMMC:

shop.allnetchina.cn - $33.95 which gives 127.57 PLN (shipping not included, can’t order to Poland)
www.reichelt.nl - €47.59 which gives 204.41 PLN (shipping not included)
shop.maker-store.de - €48.97 with shipping included (I’ve just ordered)
for the same module.


ok i bay in Poland emmc for Odroid and work :wink: