E25 no activity

I get no indication of a working router when I apply power via USB-C. There are no LEDs showing. I have tried two power supplies and connecting it to USB on a Linux box. I do see the CH431 UART in the PC syslog, but no output on the console at 115200 baud.

Next diagnostic steps appreciated.


my e25 only spits usable console output at 1500000 baud… heh

Thanks Jameszy

I tried 150000 baud too, still nothing. Also connected 5V via the GPIO pin header and still no action. 170mA current draw from the supply.

When you apply power, before the board boots up, do any LEDs light up?

I have a working E25, I tried a third power brick and that worked, booted to the Bullseye image. :smiley: