Dual-Boot Firmware?


I see here they made Android / Fedora dual-boot firmware for RK3399:

Is there a way to make dual-boot firmware for RockPi 4?
I want to combine Android / Armbian, Android / Manjora or Android / LibreELEC, but it must first boot Android and not Linux as in their images.

Maybe someone can figure out how it was done?

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I have to say, the dual boot implementation is from what radxa have done in 2013, basically boot android recovery.img to boot Linux. It’s android bootloader and not flexible. Let’s implement multiboot with mainline u-boot and hdmi console. I think in the future, you can install multiple OS on the ssd, android, armbian, manjora etc side by side and choose from the hdmi. I believe this will happen within this year.

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That’s good news.
Hope it will be possible in a few months.

I have been using it for a some time https://forum.radxa.com/t/about-multiboot/2838/9?u=rua1
Having changed a little, I could have done everything on one device, but here I have to bother with the android. The first time it loads and expands the last partition to the entire disk. And if its section is not the last on the device, then it will not start. This is every time you record a new android, you must rewrite the entire device.

It is quite beneficial if we can leverage the network boot choice in the future as well, current solution of PXE boot seems need to connect serial console with accurate manual intervention on startup (select PXE boot and set ip address) every time, which is annoying and with low practical usage.
If we have an easy way to toggle SPI uboot order and re-write (fix the value in SPI) boot IP address quickly, then rockpi4 can be used as a very flexible diskless board in lots of scenarios, so that we might only need a NAS as backend to test and deploy different OS very quickly.

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Thought you said fedora wasnt supported?