DSI 2ch x 4 lane for monochrome screen (rockpi 4b+)

I have a monochrome screen for SLA 3d printer, I read in the specs it can do the 2 channel 4 lane, but the data sheets in the wiki show the connector only has 15 pins. I find other datasheet that shows the other DSI pins but it doesn’t look like its connected to the DSI connector at the back of the board. I am trying to buy or make an adapter for the 50 pin mipi DSI socket connector to the fpc connector that is on the rock pi 4b+ , but I am not sure how or where the extra DSI connections are and or if it is connected to that mipi dsi connector in the back, what is the pitch of the cable for the onboard connector any help on this would be appreciated.

The screen is 2 ch x 4 lanes.