Download Server down seems the official download servers are down? I’ve tried downloading from multiple computers and using different browsers with no luck. Been trying to download Debian or Ubuntu. have 4 dedicated mirrors and a torrent download network.

I thought the Disto’s on this website were special to the Rock Pi?

It is while is more polished and generic. Rock Pi is a board made around RK3399 and there are other boards made around RK3399. Most of the things, drivers are shared and community is implementing & developing support on many levels. Not just things that came out from Radxa. Abridged. Its ofc more complicated. There is no reason to use Radxa Debian, but you will be out of luck with upstream Debian or other mainstream distributions ofc. That will not work just like that.

Thanks for the report. We contacted the server provider and get the feedback.

"I just looked at your server and found out that the grub is broken. The error code here is: file ‘/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod’ not found

We are trying to fix it now.

i think we have fixed it.