Download 'Radxa CM3 RASPCM4IO' ubuntu image to CM3SODIMM module

Hello everyone.
I downloaded the Radxa CM3 RASPCM4IO image to the CM3SODIMM module.

I installed CM3SODIMM on the board where Raspberry Pi CM3 is running and shorted the EMMC_DISABLE_N pin to enter boot mode.

When I uploaded other Radxa CM3 Ubuntu images, there was no problem, but after uploading ‘Radxa CM3 RASPCM4IO’, even if EMMC_DISABLE_N is shorted, it does not enter boot mode.

The LED on the CM3SODIMM is blinking at 1 second intervals.

Does anyone know how to enter bootmode or download an image from this state?

help me…

Thanks for reading.

I think this is not the correct image for the CM3S but rather the CM3 (non S).