doubts before buying rockpi 4c

hi, i want to do a project and i would like to know if rockpi 4c is what i need. I have a JXD s192 android console with 32 bit soc tegra k1, (attached photo) but I am stuck on android 4.4 kitkat, I wanted to replace the motherboard with the rockpi 4c, and here are my doubts:

1- I want to put an hdmi controller board To the original screen, which is 1920x1200, the rk3399 can run eg ps2 or dolphin emulator. Or will I have to switch to a 1280x800 screen for it to work properly?

2- I want to connect a battery between 10000mha and 15000mha, the rockpi 4c can work with battery ?. Android can read the battery percentage?

3- I want to cut the motherboard of a controller in half, add it and connect it via USB, the best I can think of is a ps2 controller with a USB adapter, will it work? or if someone knows something better to tell me (I accept suggestions)

4- I would like to install android in ssd nvme, and not use emmc, is it possible?

5- Could you put a power button on it, and turn it off by software? Or how would it work?


If you can design hardware, I think you can use the ROCK Pi 4 SoM to design a simple carrier board to adapt to the case.

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Thanks for your answer, but I am a conventional user, I would prefer to simply have to connect via HDMI and USB, and little else.

That is why I would appreciate an answer to my doubts, to be able to use rockpi 4c, which if it can be done, it would be much simpler

For battery i can say for sure - you need to design battery yourself, like RasPi UPS, or use power bank that support being charged while charging

If I bought a raspberry pi hat, for example this:


and I put a 10,000mah battery at 3.7v would it work?
and android could read the% of the battery?

No, it will not work like this with RockPi since RockPi and 5V (with Heavy load) is not best friends. You need to design a custom hardware for it

And a UPS is not realy for permanent use as alternative power sorce.

Wikipedia says:
An uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source ( UPS ) is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails

The RK3399 is realy fast but power hungry. If you look in the specs of the RockPi4c than you see a minimum of PD 2.0 or OC 2.0/3.0 9V/2A

Radxa say: The board may boot but it will cause stability issue once the system load rises, if you use a 5v PSU

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^ Exactly this.
So you need to create extra board that will work as power bank with QC support.

The rule is simple. Always stick to official PSUā€™s. In my case I use the basic radxa PSU for RockPi4C with NVMe HAT and unpowered hub and never had any issues even under full load:

Recently bought a Radxa PD 45W PSU and works just as good:

Will order a PD 65W PSU once it become available again:

I do not have the necessary knowledge to make a specific hardware, so I imagine that rockpi 4 is not the device I need to make the project come true

Yes. As with 96% devices.