Doubts and more doubts

Hi. Copy the debian strech image from the radxa download page, from this link 8 to an nsv ssd: and the result is this:

Ok, so what is your point or concern with that?

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My question is the exclamation notices.
My rockpi is from microsd with Armbian, but I can’t start from nvme. Yes it reads it, and I could even install Armbian from a system running from micro sd, but it doesn’t start from nvme if I remove microsd.

To know more about exclamation notices you can right click the partition in Gparted -> Information. In this case its by design and not the issue with NVMe boot without uSD.

Can try this tutorial from the Armbian forum:

From what I understand some brands of NVMe can boot directly from SPI while some cannot. Need more info on what your NVMe drive is.

Also, please edit your question title to something more meaningful, like “Unable to boot from NVMe SSD”.