Don't know how to connect IC via I2C

I got a problem in making an i2c connection to an IC chip. To be more precise: I never worked with a Rock Pi N10, neither any of Radxas computers but I chose it over a raspberry pi, strictly for its superior components. So I installed Linux Debian Buster on it and tried to use their libmraa code examples to simply test it’s GPIO. Worked fine so far but saw, that the example for the i2c protocoll is for exactly two specific ICs, which I don’t have. So I wanted to connect my thermoelement via the MCP9600 (from Microchip) chip on the GPIO of the Rock Pi N10 Model C. Turns out I don’t know how to call upon the i2c commands and the examples aren’t as useful to me because I haven’t got much experience in the i2c protocoll.
I honestly have few ideas what to do here.
So my question: Can anyone help me explain how to make commands or calls on the i2c protocoll, including using the mraa library? Or can anybody send me another example with more details that are explaining which commands are for the IC component and which are used for the i2c protocoll or for the Rock Pi N10, to tell him, there is a signal coming in the i2c ports and how to describe/process it?

Thank you for any help!